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Phantom Neuro

Phantom Neuro, an AI robotics orthopedic company based in Austin, Texas, sought the expertise of XYZ to create a compelling digital experience that showcases their cutting-edge technology. Understanding the intricate blend of AI and robotics that Phantom Neuro specializes in, XYZ crafted a website that not only informs but also captivates. This included the integration of technical SEO to ensure the site’s prominence in a competitive digital landscape. To complement the innovative nature of Phantom Neuro’s work, XYZ also produced custom illustrations and animations, providing a visual narrative that effectively communicates the sophistication and impact of their orthopedic solutions. The collaborative effort aimed to not just tell, but visually demonstrate, the transformative potential of Phantom Neuro’s technologies in the medical field.



Virgo, an AI-backed healthcare company, has enlisted the services of XYZ to redesign its website and enhance its online presence. With a focus on providing innovative healthcare solutions using AI technology, Virgo recognized the need for a website that accurately represents their brand and showcases their offerings. XYZ’s expert design and development team has worked closely with Virgo to create a visually stunning website that provides a seamless user experience and easy access to Virgo’s products and services. Additionally, XYZ has implemented cutting-edge SEO strategies and engaging copywriting to improve Virgo’s online visibility and attract potential investors. With a revamped digital presence and enhanced brand identity, Virgo is well-positioned to connect with its clients and investors and establish itself as a leader in the AI-backed healthcare industry.