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Target Corporation engaged XYZ to design and deploy an SEO strategy to improve the visibility of their weekly deals landing pages on Google. To achieve this, XYZ not only developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that adheres to Google’s guidelines while leveraging Target’s brand identity, but also created an automated marketing platform to generate hyper-local landing pages for this project. The platform was designed and developed to create unique landing pages for each store location, allowing Target to capture local search traffic and increase its online visibility in specific regions. By implementing on-page optimization techniques, such as targeted keywords, meta descriptions, and header tags, XYZ was able to optimize each landing page to rank higher on Google search results. As a result of this project, Target has improved its online visibility, increased traffic to its website, and generated more sales through its weekly deals promotions.


Long Range Solutions

LRS (Long Range Solutions), a top-rated provider of onsite paging products and solutions for the restaurant industry, has partnered with XYZ to redesign and rebuild its website and digital presence. With a mission to help restaurants enhance their customer experience, LRS Pagers recognized the need for a modern and user-friendly website that accurately represents its brand and product offerings. The expert design and development team at XYZ has collaborated with LRS Pagers to create a visually stunning website that is easy to navigate and provides quick access to LRS’s solutions. The website has been optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless experience across all platforms. Additionally, XYZ has incorporated the latest SEO strategies to improve the website’s ranking on search engines, increasing LRS’s online visibility and reach.