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Archer Hotels

Archer Hotels partnered with XYZ, the digital agency renowned for its expertise in experience design and brand strategy, to revamp their digital presence with a fresh, user-centric website. XYZ took the helm in crafting a seamless user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), focusing on intuitive navigation and aesthetic appeal that aligns with the Archer brand ethos. Collaborating closely with Archer Hotels’ in-house development team and their SEO agency, XYZ ensured that the new design would not only look good but also perform excellently in search engine rankings. Furthermore, by working in tandem with the hotel’s internal marketing and communications department, XYZ helped create a cohesive digital narrative that resonates with guests and strengthens the brand’s online identity. The synergy of these collaborations culminated in a vibrant and effective website, tailored to enhance the customer experience and showcase Archer Hotels’ commitment to digital excellence.


Craft Omakase

Craft Omakase, an emerging sushi restaurant in Austin, Texas, sought the expertise of XYZ to establish its digital identity and presence. XYZ’s role was pivotal, starting with the creation of a distinctive logo and brand identity that encapsulates the essence of Craft Omakase’s unique Japanese dining experience. Building on this foundation, XYZ developed a clean, minimalist website that embodies the simplicity and elegance of Omakase. The site was meticulously optimized with technical SEO to enhance visibility and draw gastronomes to Charlie Wang’s dream venture. Working hand-in-hand with Charlie, XYZ translated his vision into a digital reality, ensuring that every element from typography to the user journey reflected the bespoke nature of Charlie’s culinary artistry, thus setting the stage for Craft Omakase’s digital debut.

Smokey Mo’s

Smokey Mo’s, a cherished Texas barbecue restaurant chain, engaged XYZ to rejuvenate their online footprint and elevate their marketing prowess. XYZ’s comprehensive approach encompassed a complete redesign and development of Smokey Mo’s website, infusing it with a contemporary look that mirrors the rich tradition of Texas barbecue. The agency’s services extended to crafting compelling copy that captures the brand’s voice and the savory appeal of their offerings, alongside providing bespoke illustrations that add a personal touch to the brand’s narrative. A notable feature implemented by XYZ was an advanced store locator, designed to guide barbecue enthusiasts to their nearest Smokey Mo’s with ease.